The types of ads being produced these days have shown great influence on the minds of people. While we do have a lot regressive ones on TV, some brands are coming up with socially responsible ads.

These ads are not only shattering societal stereotypes, but also sending across messages of hope, positivity and change. In a country where LGBTQIA community struggles to get basic rights, these brands have come out in support by including them in their advertisements.

1. This Ariel ad tells the inspirational story and journey of VS Priya, Kerala’s first transgender doctor, and how she embraced her true self after 30 years.

The ad features Dr. Priya achieving her dreams of becoming a doctor in a world that stereotypes the transgender community into specific attention-seeking roles.

2. This Fastrack ad featured two women coming out of a closet still fumbling with hair and dresses, as they walk away in opposite directions.

While viewers were open to interpretations, the message behind the ad was to embrace homosexuality and move on from the societal norms and taboos.

3. This Myntra ad featured a real-life gay couple talking about each other fashion’s sense and spilling the beans on who’s more romantic.

4. This Brooke Bond ad that showed an elderly lady letting go off her stereotypes after being impressed by a transgender vendor’s thoughtful gesture.

5. This Vicks India ad that showed a transgender mother and her adopted daughter and shed light on the unfair legal treatment meted out to the LGBTQIA community in India.

6. This Bhima Jewellers ad that showed the journey of a transwoman transitioning with the support of her parents as she tries on jewellery, grows her hair out and embraces her womanhood.

7. This Urban Company ad that showed a mother making preparations to celebrate her daughter’s ‘First Women’s Day,’ much to the confusion of neighbourhood aunties, finally revealing that she underwent a sex-change surgery.

8. This OKCupid ad that showed three individuals from the queer community and aimed to highlight their dating life, trying to normalise love and relationships beyond the binary genders.

It was released after the abrogation of article 377, and showed people answering questions like ‘How much would you reveal about yourself on a first date? and ‘What are your views on moving on with your partner?

9. This Close Up ad that featured a gay couple among 2 other love stories and showed their struggles towards acceptance in family and society.

10. This Ralco Tyres ad that showed everyday life of trans individual in India where she is not allowed to board a bus and is ignored by the taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers as well.

In the end, the ad shows a gentleman offering her a lift and gives us hope.

This is just the beginning. Hoping to see more such inclusive ads in India.