When it comes to love, one of the most important things is how much two people love each other. Which is why we think this collaborative project between Tinder and Gaysi Family just has to be discussed. 

Museum of Queer Swipe Stories is an Instagram page that shares heartwarming LGBTQIA+ experiences around love that might just get you teary-eyed AF. 


The page is an archive of the complexities and many emotions that queer dating encompasses. From stories of how two people came together, to little, heartbreaking confessions of how they parted with a loved one, Queer Swipe Stories is a treasure box of a sort. 

1. The One With The Forever Girlfriend.

Christy shared how she met her current girlfriend of two years and how she supported her through being diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. She says that she’s found her biggest cheerleader and confidante! 

A part of me also wasn’t ready to open my heart up for a new relationship after such a terrible heartbreak, so we started as friends. She patiently helped me unlearn and unfeel the pain and taught me to love and prioritize myself. 

-Christy told Queer Swipe Stories

2. The One Where We Got Our Own DDLJ Moment.

Lakshay and Abhi’s love story began on Tinder. From chats to video calls and then to a full blown DDLJ style realisation of how much they loved each other, the couple has had one heck of a journey together. 

Abhi called me and asked me to get on the train. He said that he had managed to get there and had hopped on and that I should do the same. I was scared! The train had picked up speed, and I had to run really fast! I saw him, and he extended his hand.

I ran the fastest I could and took the most enormous leap, gasping for breath!

I got on! We held each other tight and hugged for almost a minute! 

-Lakshay told Queer Swipe Stories

3. The One Where I Feel Seen.

Patruni Sastry’s story is one of the most open, transparent and loving examples of acceptance and what it means to be vulnerable with a significant other. Sastry’s sexuality and identity were met with love and compassion and a quiet, yet deep understanding from wife Raji. If that’s not love then what is?

Our little conversations led to an exchange of numbers and then finally, a romantic relationship. After a few months of dating, I was still sceptical about revealing my sexuality. I dropped her a text one day: I am pansexual. The next day, I got back two weblinks about pansexuality and a question: “Is this what you meant?” I needed to know whether she understood me, so I called her. “It doesn’t matter what your sexuality or gender is. I may not fully understand these words and feelings, but it only matters whether you love me and wish to be with me,” she said.

-Patruni Sastry told Queer Swipe Stories

4. The One With All The Pride About Our Love.

Sarah and TJ came across each other on Tinder and with each passing day, fell deeper in love with one another. The couple moved in after three years of dating and it seems they knew that they loved each other almost instantly. *May god bless us all with people who are just as sure about us as these two!*

We’re so proud of our happy, gay love! And we want the world to know. 

-TJ (Sarah’s partner) told Queer Swipe Stories

5. The One Where We Found Solitude In Each Other.

Tanisha and Yash also matched on Tinder and though it didn’t start out as “love at first sight,” the two developed a deep and unbreakable bond over time. Yash showed up for Tanisha and her family during a turbulent time and that only left Tanisha even more sure of who they are to each other. 

We don’t have a lot in common but we value the same things: we both believe in honest communication, in being empathetic towards each other and having a similar sense of humour. Our friends believe we have our own language because we have so many inside jokes. Yash is my rock, my happy place, my home; he understands me and my individual self, as well as my sexual self. No conversation is off-limits, which has helped build trust and the bond of love that holds us together.

-Tanisha told Queer Swipe Stories

Here’s to love, and to all the avenues that celebrate it in every form.