It’s 2021, and we still have people who, without flinching once, find it within themselves to say stuff like “I hate gays”. Well, okay, that doesn’t just make you a strange, disgusting person who has a problem with two people loving each other – but also a loser.

And I don’t mean it just as an expression. Literally, the universe is on the side of the queers and I am assuming you wouldn’t want to be messing with powers bigger than human comprehension. Here are examples, in case one needs proof.

1. When a group of boaters harrasing people with pride flags had their vessel burst into flames just a few minutes later.

The incident happened just before the start of pride month. A group of people were chilling on their boat, which proudly displayed the pride flags. This did not go down well with another group who kept circling around them on their own vessel, shouting and showing the finger. 

In what we are hoping should have served as a lesson, their boat caught fire a few minutes later, and they had to be rescued by the same people they were disrespecting. 

2. When a politician who liked to call himself “Virginia’s chief homophobe” lost election to the state’s first out transgender person.

Del. Robert G. Marshall has been in politics for more than a decade and does not flinch before saying things like, “A woman’s arm is constructed at a certain angle so that she can adequately cradle a baby”. Obviously, his understanding of gender and gender roles is all messed up, and it’s something he clearly takes pride in. 

Speaking of pride, he was aptly shown his place by the people of the state, when they elected Danica Roem over him with 10% more votes. 

While Marshall tried his best to dissuade Roem by making remarks and releasing posters commenting on her gender identity, she won and said, “Discrimination is a disqualifier”, and that was that.

3. Oh wait, it gets better. Marshall was roasted by his own sister, who stood up for what’s correct and wrote a Facebook post ending with the words, “Karma, brother”.

We love to see this. 

4. When a man hurling homophobic slurs at another person for wearing a pink shirt was taken down by the passengers at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport airport. 

He must have thought no one will come to the rescue of the man he was harrasing, but guess what, people have hearts – and brains – and some conscience. This guy was pinned down by other passengers, who held him until police came and took him away.

The Independent/Image for Representation

5. When a woman got caught in random patrolling for not carrying a ticket, minutes after she disrespected a bisexual woman on the bus.

Some Reddit answers just make our day. In this one, a woman narrates how she was once travelling in a bus with the pride flag on her bag. Soon, a woman walked in, started shaking her head and said, “People like you should be banned off buses”. A few moments later, a random check happened and it was found that she was not carrying a ticket.

The woman was ousted imediately and most likely, also fined. 

Queers are favourites.