The world will tell you before the start of every big phase of your life what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. It will tell you to go for engineering instead of following your passion of being a photographer. It will tell that you should marry at a certain age because after that, good luck finding a suitable girl or a boy! Society will tell you that you shouldn’t dress a certain way, or question why the couple who eloped and got married were lynched. 

It will tell you everything from how you should sit to who you should love. And if you do not conform to how they want it to be, then you’ll be ostracized for sure. For loving the person you hold so dear. But does it matter if the person you love is not from the same caste or religion? Does it matter that the person you love is from the same sex? How does gender become so important? Doesn’t love triumph all?

This mesmerising 2 minutes film by UrbanClap tells the beautiful story of a couple in love:

Love who you want to love.