From religious propaganda to societal stigma, the LGBTQ+ community is victim to numerous myths, stereotypes and misinformation. As they continue to battle towards acceptance, it’s high time society debunks some common misconceptions surrounding the community. 

Here Are Five Common LGBTQ+ Myths Debunked:

1. Only The LGBTQ+ Are Attracted To The Same-Sex

Wrong! Contrary to public opinion, most adults develop feelings, attractions and fantasies towards both sexes. Multiple studies have confirmed that both homosexual and heterosexual individuals have had a variety of sexual experiences with the same gender as well as the opposite gender as a part of the natural exploration their body and sexuality.

2. Monogamy Doesn’t Apply

It is a common misconception that the conventions of a heterosexual relationship do not apply to same-sex couples. Opinions, often based on standardized cliches, hypersexualize LGBTQ+ couples and deem them polygamous and promiscuous. 

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3. Flamboyance = Gay

No, that’s just your internalized heteronormativity talking. Pop culture is largely to blame for such detrimental narratives. Bollywood and mainstream television’s continual portrayal of ostentatious LGBTQ+ characters have adverse effects on the societal acceptance of the community. It confines them in boxes that most of the community cannot relate to – leading to an immutable struggle with representation. 

Some queer individuals might adhere to the conventional norms of femininity and masculinity, some might not. There is no definitive way to label someone as LGBTQ+ because they are human beings with individuality. 

4. In a Same-Sex Relationship, One Partner Plays the Masculine Role While The Other Plays the Feminine Role

There are no functional categories in same-sex relationships. Couples don’t have assigned gender roles. Instead, relationships are built on mutual respect and equality, where each partner brings their innate talent and individual interests to the table. 

5. Really Good Sex With a Person Of the Opposite Gender Can Convert The LGBTQ+

LOL, no. Scientifically, since homosexuality is innate and not acquired, therefore no matter how good the sex is, it cannot alter their orientation. 

However, that doesn’t limit their desire to explore their body and sexuality. Many LGBTQ+ individuals have experienced heterosexual relationships or encounters without converting their orientation. Sometimes these experiences can be beautiful and satisfying, while others can be uncomfortable as a product of societal pressure and denial. 


In the wake of mobilized social movements and awareness campaigns around the nation, we need to educate ourselves to erase the stigma around the LGBTQ+ community and allow them the agency to co-exist with peace.