A Facebook user, Poonam Khinchi, met a transgender auto-driver on the streets of Mumbai. Their ride together led to a heartwarming conversation, that Poonam shared on Facebook.


The auto-driver, Manju, had long painted nails, to which Poonam asked, ‘itna lamba nakhoon‘?

Manju replied in a sweet and humble tone that she’s preparing for Eid. 

Didi, Eid ki taiyaari kar rahi hoon.

This kick-started a warm conversation between the two. Manju revealed that she lives with her boyfriend. She also added that she was fired from a hotel because of her sexual orientation.


The casual conversation also revealed how the trans community exists on the edge of violence and threat.

Manju, who has been driving the auto for 5 years, can’t drive it past 11 PM, due to some people who allegedly tease and trouble her.

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