The problem is that we’re still super dogged on legitimising stone-age ideologies. The problem is that our bird’s eye view of the world is confined because of conservatism and homophobia. The problem is that we think we’re right. Wanna know where I’m getting at?

Somebody on Twitter complained about how Netflix has normalised homosexuality, and it’s a BIG PROBLEM.

Gender binarism is a ruthless concept that is only meant to uphold an archaic view of the world which aligns with social constructs. It gives no space of choice to people who identify with a gender identity other than the orthodox male-female binary.

And when OTT platforms like Netflix or corporates implement diversity & inclusion practices, it is a remarkable — long-awaited — initiative to accept and normalize homosexuality, as we should have AGES AGO.

Irked with the statement, here’s how people on Twitter explained how this is necessary.

LOL. Apparently!

YAY! We so need more of it!

To Netflix: thank you!

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