The world has been unfair to the queer community, there is sadness in that. But the queer community has shown us how to love without fear – and there is so much happiness in that, we don’t have words to express our gratitude.

Here are a few of our TV favourite moments that cover this range of emotions and depict queerness in the most real and raw manner. 

1. David and Patrick’s wedding in Schitt’s Creek.

Let’s start with one of the most iconic TV moments of our time. David and Patrick have their own ups and downs, as individuals and as a couple, but they rise after each setback and get married in the last episode of the series. God knows I have never rooted for any fictional event more than I did for this one.

An additional fact: When asked about representation of the queer community and their relationships in the show, Dan Levy, the writer of Schitt’s Creek, who also plays David, said that he did not want to show the characters overcoming discrimination, but them not being discriminated against at all. He said he wanted to show how the world would look if there were no restrictions on love.


2. Boo telling her father that she refuses to be “invisible” in Orange Is The New Black.

This scene is heartbreaking and empowering at the same time. On one hand, you feel terrible for Boo who is asked by her father to change into more ‘ladylike’ clothes before she sees her dying mother. But on the other hand, you are proud of her for standing up for herself and refusing to do so. 

Because it’s more than just clothes, it’s about people telling you to be something you’re not. 

3. Karan’s coming out scene in Made In Heaven.

This one again leaves you with multiple emotions. There’s solace in the fact that Karan finally comes out to his family, but there is also sadness for the fact that he had to hide his identity for so long. He addresses his mother who forced him to be quiet about being gay and lets her know that he is no longer going to live like that.

4. When Jean Milburn says this iconic line about asexuality in Sex Education.

Asexuality is a concept people are still trying to wrap their heads around, and so many are unable to. This simple dialogue puts it into perspective quite beautifully.


5. When Jules describes what being transgender means to her in the special episode of Euphoria

The highly controversial series touches upon many topics, even the less-discussed ones, especially the less-discussed ones, in the rawest manner. That’s basically why it’s so controversial. And while that can be discussed further, there is no denying the depth of emotions in this line said by the protagonist.

At least for me, being trans is spiritual. You know, it’s not religious. It’s not like, for some congregation. It’s for me.

6. When Cam and Mitch proposed to each other…at the same time.

Both of them had been planning to propose for a while, not knowing that the other person was too. And then one day, they were changing the tire and it struck them as the perfect moment. Cam kneeled and so did Mitch. Both of them said yes.

The Talko

7. When Rosa in Brooklyn 99 comes out as bisexual…

…In the most Rosa way imaginable.

While these are some of our favourite moments, there are many more to watch and love. Let’s treat these as the starting point and revisit all of them this month and beyond. 

Happy pride, people.