As soon as something new comes to life, the first thing we want to do is name it. Giving names or labels gives us a sense of control, appeases our inner selves and tick marks the socially acceptable list of society. 

Gender is an important part of our identity which gives us a sense of belonging and sets the course for the rest of our lives. You’re either too girly, or too manly; a little too feminine or a little too masculine. 

But imagine a world without labels. A world where everyone is born free, without an identity, without a gender. Where people don’t tell you who you should be; where you’re free to choose whoever you want to be. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful and perfect world? 

Bikramjit Bose, a photographer based out of Delhi, is celebrating this very idea of a world without labels. In collaboration with Elle India, he recently clicked an amazing series of photographs titled ‘#Ungender.’

The series aims to capture the gender fluid identity which a lot of people ascribe to. It also aims to portray how not ascribing to a certain gender can be as beautiful as identifying with one.

Check out his kick-ass series here:

b’Source: BikramjitBose’

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