One Twitter user decided to share a post to support visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and their right to own their identity openly and proudly.

Jiwandeep Kohli, a US-based clinical psychologist in training and a proud bisexual, donned a rainbow-coloured turban on the internet.

He said,

I’m proud to be a bisexual… I feel fortunate to be able to express all these aspects of my identity, and will continue to work toward ensuring the same freedom for others.

The post, existing on the intersections of the LGBTQ+ community and of religion, is truly precious.

He used one of his usual black turbans and supplemented it with strips of the colours of the rainbow. Add one hour of tying, untying, and safety pinning in the mix; and voila, you have an absolutely adorable Pride turban.

Netizens can’t stop hearting this rainbow-turban.

The post is hearted more than 34K times on Twitter and has almost 5K retweets.

Rainbows all the way, guys.