The award-winning sitcom, Schitt’s Creek, as a show has been a movement in itself. 

It has successfully managed to detach itself from the quintessential stereotypical tropes associated with the LGBTQIA community and coming out of , as portrayed in pop-culture. 

Instead, with its positive outlook of acceptance, the show celebrated the queer spirit in all it’s glory, exposing the world of entertainment to the most appropriate, honest, educational and relatable LGBTQIA+ representation of all time. 

Whether it is David using the wine analogy to explain pansexuality or Patrick freaking out before coming out to his parents, this show has literally managed to change people’s life: 

It has made them more confident about their sexuality and hopeful of a positive hug of acceptance from their parents and loved ones. Here are a few heartwarming instances of people opening up about how the representation has positively impacted their lives: 

Fun fact, the reason Daniel Levy unknowingly brought in a wave of revolution and decided to break free from the stereotypical coming out tropes is because he didn’t feel secure about being himself. 

I didn’t have the security of seeing a lot of people like myself being celebrated in popular culture. 

So he decided to be the change he wished to see. In his GLAAD award acceptance speech, he opened up about his vision for Schitt’s Creek and his belief of how acceptance could change the world. 

Acceptance incubates joy and creates a clarity that allows people to see themselves and each other more deeply.

-Daniel Levy;

All first-hand experiences are handpicked and sourced directly from Twitter.