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Well, Ellen Degeneres said it!

Do we really have to know who’s gay and who’s straight? Can’t we just love everybody and judge them by the car they drive?

Can’t we all abide by these words? It’s been 6 months since we’ve been freed from the bigotry and been lawfully granted to love freely by the Supreme Court. The decriminalisation of Section 377 has proven to be a major turning point for gay rights, err, human rights in India, and we can somehow say that this is just a small step that has put a stamp of victory on the decades-long fight by the LGBTQIA community.

I can’t press enough upon the fact that #LoveNeedsNoLaw, but even after painting our social media in rainbow colours, have we become woke enough to change our societal attitude towards homosexuality?

We asked people about their thoughts on the decriminalisation of section 377 of the IPC and these 8 responses are just a reflection of what the millennials have to say.

We’ve seen flags being waved, and people breaking into impromptu jubilation, but what went down before the dismissal of section 377? 

ZEE5’s newest offering, 377 – अब Normal, tells the real-life story of the decades of struggle that went behind banishing the regressive law. The trailer has piqued my curiosity about the unbeatable efforts of the people that lead to decriminalization of Section 377. Backed up by talents like Tanvi Azmi, Maanvi Gagroo, Zeeshan Ayyub and Shashank Arora, I’m sure the movie will help lessen the massive social discrimination faced by the gay community. Watch the trailer below.