Love can be a rocky roller coaster ride, but there is something so special about it that we all keep going back in search for love, for ‘the one’. There is nothing that can replace the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you see someone you’re crazily in love with. No one and nothing can define the intimate way, in which your partner knows you, your body and soul. 

In the worst and the best moments of life, your partner is the one who keeps you going. As long as they are by your side, nothing matters, neither religion, nor caste, and definitely not gender. All that really matters is the connection two people share, and the sparks that fly, and the unhinged, eternal love. 

These alluring pictures of same sex couples show that the gender of the person you want to share your life with isn’t a barrier when it comes to love. 

The feeling of finally walking down the aisle.

Tracey Buyce

That overwhelming state of happiness when you realise it is finally official. 

Zofia Crosby

When you’re at the altar and you know that it was worth all the hardships you had to endure. 

Tracey Buyce

When you learn to accept each other, no matter how different you are. 


When everyone you care about is just as happy as you are. 


A victorious feeling, that cannot be defined in mere words.

A beautiful wedding in the perfect gown saved for that special ceremony.

When flowers fly high, and settle at your feet to make the journey special for you.


When you look at the ring, and you realise – This is it. This is what you’ve been waiting for. 

The final formal call, that’s all that you need to finally call them yours. 

That first kiss after they call you a couple – that’s when life together begins. 


Despite the hurdles, you stand there, facing the one you love with tears that line your face, and the one you love catching them all.

That beautiful moment when you’re finally holding hands with the one you love in the midst of all your loved ones. 


The joy, the cheers and the flowers! Could it get any better?

Rogers Pictures

That moment before saying the words that will tie you together, forever. 

Alyssa Campbell Photography

When you know that it was all worth it.

When one chooses the dress, and the other a suit, nothing makes a prettier sight.

When everyone comes together, and your wedding is no less than a mini festival.

When you stand there, look at her, and finally say, “I do”. 

Shane Godfrey Photography

And then it’s done! They are yours, and you are theirs, to infinity and beyond.

And that’s what they call the magic of love!