Keeping that in mind, people on Reddit have listed down questions they have always wanted to know about the community, and it’s our chance to do better!

The LGBTQ+ community is a broad new world for the uninitiated and we as a society are taking baby steps towards understanding it. As we celebrate pride this year, let us all welcome the thought of being more inclusive- by putting away our biases, educating ourselves, and being better allies.

When talking to someone you don’t know, how do you ask them for their preferred pronoun?

How do you avoid misgendering someone in an email (Mr/Ms/Mx) when the person doesn’t indicate pronouns in their signature?


I wanna ask them every time an LGBTQ+ character appears in fiction, if they felt it was a good representation or not.

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Do you really prefer that amalgamate flag of the extra pink, light blue, brown, and black overlaying on top of the original rainbow flag?


In the nicest way possible, why is everyone so bad at describing demisexuality? Every time I ask what it is, people always claim it’s when you don’t experience immediate sexual attraction to someone, you have to get to know them first.

Isn’t that how relationships work? You can acknowledge someone is attractive without wanting to have sex with them.


Is “d*ke
” an offensive term? I have heard of things called “d*ke
marches” (a parade I guess?), but can someone refer to someone else as “a d*ke
“? Is it like an in- context type of thing? Would love to know. Thanks.


For non-binary people: have you ever experienced discrimination because of your nature? I am aware of the difficulties, and the violence often directed towards gays, lesbians and trans people, but it seems being non-binary is not as evident (which can make one a target) as the others. For instance: I was never bullied for being autistic, whereas in some places people are bullied for being redheads.


You doing ok?

I see you doing your thing over there and admire the confidence it takes to shut out any roving asshole opinions, but you keep doing you.

I’m awkward so this internal monologue is usually outwardly expressed by the subtle slow nod.


Would trans people identify as their assigned gender if it wasn’t for societal norms? Like, if there wasn’t a difference between how men and women dressed, acted, and did?  


Is being Asexual part of LGBTQ+? Or should someone that is asexual not put themselves into that category? Would found to a pride event with an ACE flag be considered rude and or out of place?


As time goes on, more and more genders or sexualities sprout into existence. Do y’all just accept any new gender/sexuality or is there some process it’s gotta go through like having a huge following?


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