Don’t we all wonder how the dreamy characters in movies end up in perfect fairytale romances? Falling in love at first sight is not just in movies or books, it does happen in real life too and this couple is proof!

In one of their posts, Instagram page India Love Project shared the story of Raj Ayer and Avijit Chakrovorty who fell head over heels in love.

After the 2017 Pride Walk, my friends and I went to Café Ideal in Chowpatty when suddenly I saw this handsome man continuously looking at me and I didn’t look away. We couldn’t tear our eyes away from each other; it was, as they say, something you can’t explain in words. And that’s when I knew this is him, my future.

-Raj Ayer

What next? He flew down from Kutch to Mumbai and surprised his beau on Valentine’s Day. He landed up at his office and asked him to meet him downstairs. Avijit Chakrovorty asked him to stay for the week so that they could spend some time together. He then shifted to Mumbai and embarked on a new journey together.

On 2 December 2017, Avijit Chakrovorty popped the question. AND OF COURSE, HE SAID YES!

We made a little trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park and to my surprise, he was on his knee with a ring in his hand asking me to marry him. How could I say no? We’ve lived together for three years now and are planning our marriage as soon as these COVID times are over.

-Raj Ayer

Just like movies always have a dreamy love story woven into them, this couple was also wholeheartedly supported by their respective families.

Just look. How adorbs is this couple?


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This heart-warming story proves the fact that one should be able to marry for love, gender no bar.