The year is 2016, and yet, many of us judge people on the gender they ascribe to, or the sexual orientation they prefer. Still, a lot of us use sex and gender as synonyms as if they are one and the same thing, but they are not. 

Sex is a word that defines a person as either a male or female in biological terms, whereas gender defines a person as male or female within the framework of societal constructs.

While there are people who ascribe to one gender or another based on their sexuality, there are some people who do not. And then, there are people who are fluid when it comes to gender, this is known as gender fluidity. A person who identifies as gender fluid can feel like a man, a woman, or a combination of identities on any given day or neither.

Poem Baker, a London-based photographer, has captured gender fluidity in the most beautiful way. Though slightly NSFW, these pictures speak much louder than words. 

1. Because God knows no definitions.

2. Breaking rules and stereotypes. 

3. How effortlessly he carries those heels!

4. Ruler of his own world!

5. Those tattoos sure make a statement.

6. Pretty prom dress.

7. Knitting his own niche.

8. Let us choose the life we live.

9. The minute details in this one.

10. The perfect summer dress!

11. She chose. Her choice.

12. Washing off those taboos! 

13. Getting ready for a party called life.

14. The perfect portrait picture!

15. The fire within.

 16. Lazy Sundays.

17. The earth calls everybody humans, why discriminate?

18. What I wear is my choice. 

19. You define femininity.

20. Coming out bold.

21. Could this dress look any more pretty?

22. Love in its place!

23. Impeccability.

We are who we are. Not what others make us out to be.