Sponsored by RALCO TYRES

All of us know how transgenders are treated in India, don’t we? Usually known as hijras or kinnars, every time one of them starts walking towards us, we run the other way at full speed. Such is their reputation and none of us even try to understand who they are or what they want before we start discriminating against them.

But, why?

Do we need to discriminate against someone who is different from us? Transgenders in our country have to struggle a lot and people rarely help them right away. More often than not, this behaviour forces them into isolation as they feel they don’t have the same rights as everyone else. Don’t you feel that it is absolutely unfair to them to face such injustice?

I do, and I’m glad that Ralco Tyres is here with a heartwarming campaign to get the transgender community the justice they deserve!

This video portrays the everyday life of a person from the transgender community in India and how they face discrimination at every step. In the video, she greets a kid at a bus stop who’s immediately stopped by his mother from making any further contact with her. She’s not allowed to board a bus and is ignored by the taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers as well. She loses all hope but then a gentleman stops and offers her a lift.

My question is: Why can’t all of us be like that gentleman and choose humanity over everything else?

This is a brilliant initiative by Ralco Tyres to make sure that we #FreeTheRoads from discrimination. And frankly, isn’t it about time?

You can watch the video here: