Movies, TV shows or even ads, give us a sanitised version of the treatment that marginalised communities get in our society. The reality is far from it, where discrimination prevails on every level. Highlighting one such incident, a Twitter user, Shalin Maria Lawrence, shared a post regarding a stall run by a transgender


Lawrence, who is a writer and social activist, claims that the stall owned by Shaina Banu is being discriminated against. She also went on to request fellow users on the micro-blogging website to spread the word and support the owner.   

As per a follow-up tweet, the concern is with the passing crowd and not the college students. The Transgender Tasty Hut was established right outside the Madras School Of Social Work and inaugurated in March 2021. 

A few videos on YouTube, posted probably by the students of the same college show that Shaina Banu and her business is well-supported by them.  


However, a few Twitter users were quite distracted by the fact that the stall name had ‘Transgender’ mentioned in it. Some even went on to suggest that it might “confuse” people. 

And that was followed by another user explaining it to them like a 5-year-old. 

Also, a valid point was made on how that could be empowering for the individual as well as the community. 

On the other hand, some came in support as the Twitter user requested for. 

While we click on likes and retweets as a way to show support, looking around us and taking a step towards change is also absolutely needed.