Hey Libra. Pick a favourite meme.

1. Libras are prone to FOMO. But they also need to muster up the strength to socialise.

2. On Libras ALWAYS ready to lend a helping hand.

3. Let me get back to you. I need to overthink this through.

4. Scroll... scroll... and scroll some more.

5. The Libra you are trying to reach is unavailable to make a decision.

6. Libras be like, "Cute person shall be mine!"

7. If conclusion jumping was an Olympic sport.

8. Hello friend. Advice le lo.

9. Change is good. And very frequent.

10. On their compulsive need to love and be loved.

11. Cannot. Say. No.

12. Haters gonna hate. But Libras not gonna confront.

13. When Libras turn the charm on.

14. On the calm Libra demeanour and the inability to show anger.

15. To keep a Libra occupied just give them a bunch of things to choose from.

16. On their love for the grapevine.

17. Libras are generous with compliments.

18. On their crippling fear of saying 'no'.

19. Libras be like, "finally made a decision. Now let me rest."


Design Credits: Nupur Agrawal