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“Beta bade hoke kya banoge?” 

A phrase, we’ve all heard a few hundred times, growing up. And every time a relative or a teacher asked me the same, I would talk about all sorts of fantasies. Sometimes I’d say a doctor, sometimes, I’d listen to my heart, and say a writer and sometimes even a horticulturist (Even though I barely understood what that meant, back then). And there I was, at age 17, living in a time when blogging was a rage. And here I am, age 26, making a living off an occupation that didn’t even exist 15 years ago. But, it’s far from being the only one. The list below also features 9 others.

1. Blogger

b’Source: Pixabay’

No surprises for guessing how yours truly chose to kickstart the list. Bloggers and content writers are everywhere and many of them earn very well. Some are self-employed and some work for agencies and media houses. Either way, a blogger gets to channel out their inner creativity in a brilliant way and to a potential audience of millions. Or maybe, I’m just saying all this because my bosses are reading. Just kidding. Or Am I?

2. Social Media Manager

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Would I be lying If I say all of us were basically born social media managers? Whether we’ve got our twitterati hats on when it’s time to have a field day on the microblogging site or are meticulously selecting the perfect filter for an Instagram post, we sure know our way around social media. Now, while, technically there’s no set qualification to become a social media manager, you will, in all likelihood be expected to show some experience in a social media or digital marketing-centric job, if you want to become one.

3. User Experience Designer


If you’re a designer who’s tired of designing templates and web pages, perhaps you can put your creativity to use by becoming a user experience designer, otherwise known as ‘UX’. You will be working on apps, mining data as to what problem users face with the existing app design and UI, what they want changed and whatever else you can do to make the app more engaging.

4. App Developer


15 years back we had no smartphones and hence no apps and hence no app developers (and hence no temple run). Who would have thought that a degree in IT could help you score a job as cool as that?

5. Sports Manager


If you’re a Phys. Ed. graduate or consider yourself a born athlete who understands what it takes to design a sports curriculum, prepare athletes, and are well versed with the basics of sports in the context of it’s administrative and organizational aspects, you’d make a heck of a career as a sports manager. Depending on your expertise and preferences, you can become one for a school/college or an event organizer. Eventually, as you climb up the ladder, you could even manage national-level and professional athletes and teams.

6. Chief Listening Officer


I know, I know, getting paid just to listen to clients and potential partners of a company sounds like a dream. But no, Sir, there are no free meals in life. The first thing you ought to know before you start looking for CLO positions to fill is that you’ll surely need to show years worth of relevant experience. In fact, this position is so vitally important to companies that often times, the CEO, himself or herself occupies it. Also, a CLO can’t afford to miss even two words worth of a crucial exchange during a meeting. And, occasionally, they will be expected to give solutions and insights on the spot as well. But, yeah… it’s still a job for which, the primary requirement is having ears. And that’s pretty much like a dream.

7. Big Data Analyst


As far as understanding online trends and using them to break the internet is concerned, Big data analysts is where the buck stops. Now, this occupation demands an incredible amount of brainpower and dedication, and usually a qualification in digital marketing or Big Data too. But once you climb a few steps of the ladder to the top, you start making a ton of money and gain tremendous power.

8. YouTube Content Creator


Now, you know the power of a YouTube star in this day and age, don’t you? Think Ryan Higa, BB and PewDiePie, even with all his political incorrectness. And, if you think you’re funny, charming and knowledgeable enough to make content, whether in front of the camera or from behind the scenes, you’ve got a career waiting to be conquered. What’s more, you can even apply for a job with a media house or an entertainment company, to work in the capacity of a director, producer or scriptwriter.

9. Virtual Assistant


So, here’s a job you can do without even stepping outside the house. All that’s required of a virtual assistant is to provide assistance to a company’s clients from a chat engine! Perfect for anyone who’d rather work from home than a cubicle.

10. Genetic Counselor


If you’re educated in biology or healthcare, you can consider becoming a genetic counselor. A genetic counselor works closely with individuals, diagnoses them and advises them as to how they can avoid falling prey to the diseases they stand a chance to inherit from their lineage. And if you’re looking for an incentive, you should know that in terms of income, it’s a really lucrative career choice.

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