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Trust me when I say this, no words in any language can accurately describe the rollercoaster experience that is motherhood. There are days when emotions might run so high that you might feel your cup runneth over with love and then there will be days when you will be craving some sanity. But there’s no denying that amidst all the trials, the discoveries and milestones crossed, these 10 little joys will forever be close to your heart.

1. The way your little one gently clasps your finger just melts your heart.

Bringing Baby Home

Cradling your bundle of joy gives love new meaning, especially when he or she wraps her tiny little fingers around your home. Can there be a more profound moment of such pure connection? I think not.

2. The sight of your bonnie baby sleeping soundly is something you could watch for hours.

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Your baby is so beautiful that even the most mundane of activities seem utterly magical. Even something as watching your precious heart of hearts doze off softly is a sight that has you rooted in one place. You can literally spend ages watching their tiny little chest rise and fall in the sweetest rhythm of their breath.

3. Pampering your baby with nourishing lotions brings you two closer together. 

Having brought your child into this world, there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do to give them the best possible care. This is why you take extra care in making sure their soft skin stays just as innocent as they are. Because nothing rings sweeter than the joy of hugging your baby and feeling the tenderness of their soft skin. Keeping that touching sentiment in mind, Baby Dove has now come up with the gift of personalized skincare for your bundle of joy. Imagine having a Baby Dove lotion that takes care of your baby just as a mother would and bears your child’s name at the same time. Doesn’t it seem like a sweet idea to bring in the new year? If yes, then you must give this adorable video a watch.

4. The insurmountable rush of love that you feel when your baby smiles back at you.

You often wonder how someone like you could create something so utterly perfect and innocent that words fall short of describing it. But all mysteries cease to matter the moment you lay eyes on your child. The way he or she looks at you with their eyes full of such pristine and untainted love that it wells you up with pride and joy.

5. Watching your husband hold your infant for the first time is too priceless for words.

Baby Couture

You cannot possibly describe the joy you feel when your husband picks up your baby for the first time at the hospital. That moment will forever be etched in your memory as one of the sweetest moments in your life. The very sight of him cradling the child makes you fall in love with him a little bit more. 

6. The look of unconditional love and complete surrender on your baby’s face makes everyday worthwhile.

You understand how exhausting raising your child can be, but all the anguish, the fatigue and the stress go out the window the moment your baby reciprocates your love in his or her own adorable way. It is in moments like these that you can thank God for bestowing such a miracle to you.

7. When in a journey of firsts, your baby shares every little milestone with you.

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The first toy, the first taste of ice-cream, the first tumble and the first tear are just some of the many firsts the baby would always look to you to be a witness to. This way you’re watching your pride and joy grow and in each moment you’re growing too. 

8. That moment when you realize that your childhood has come back all over again.


Such is the majesty of raising your baby that it’s like the second coming of your childhood. You learn to veiw things from their innocent eyes and pretty soon all your worries melt away into the wondrous moments of discovery, learning and self-growth. You begin to remember the good times you’ve had in your childhood how beautiful it feels to share such moments with your infant. 

9. The moment when you realize just how powerful a mother’s intuition can be.

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Even before you bring your baby home, there’s an undeniable and instinctual bond that you share with him or her. It’s like you can anticipate every little sniffle or chuckle and can lull them to peace. It’s so beautiful how you feel tethered to them, that sometimes you wonder how you’d ever get by without them.  

10. That moment of maddening joy when you watch your baby grow. 

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Times flies so fast when you’re caring for your infant that before long you’re baby is already crawling and mumbling its first words. Every single moment around them is a moment of pure bliss, so much so that you need to take a step back to actually see that with every passing day your love just keeps growing. And just when you thought that your heart cannot be any more fuller with love, they do something so beautifully unexpected that you’re left in awe, all over again.  

Most of all, there’s immense joy in knowing that no matter how poorly things turned out in life, you’ve still created this one little human being that is perfect in every way and nothing can change this.