It’s a beautiful world we live in but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it better. I mean, despite everything we have accomplished as a race, a lot is left to be done. Perhaps, if all of us did our part, the world will become a truly wonderful place in no time. And you don’t have to do a whole lot either.

These 10 simple things, will be a great starting point.

1) Stop spreading cyber hate. Because seriously dude, you’re not 12 anymore.


The internet could be a very mean and hostile place sometimes. So when the opportunity to be a troll presents itself, just say no to Cyber Hate. You have better things to do, right? Precisely. Spread Cyber Love Instead.

2) Adopt a stray instead of buying a pet.


A lot of our furry friends find decent homes and families. But for every one that does, there are thousands who don’t. That said, if you adopt a desi dog or cat instead of a German Shepherd or Persian and encourage everyone around you to follow your footsteps, that scenario could change very soon.

3) Treat everyone you meet with respect. Because what goes around comes around.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, not all of us are born with the same deck of cards. Some have it harder than others and privilege is a real thing. But everyone deserves equal respect. So, the next time your office boy forgets to add sugar to your tea or your maid misses a spot while cleaning, DON’T put them down. Just politely tell them what you need to tell them.

4) Treat the environment like you treat your significant other.

b’Source: Pixabay’

Humanity’s carbon footprint is getting worse by the year. We’re consuming more meat, putting more cars on the road, cutting down more trees, polluting more water… You get the drift. All these actions directly or indirectly affect the environment that you and I are living in. So, consume a little less, plant more trees, don’t take the planet for granted and the Earth will live a little longer.

5) Teach. Knowledge is a gift that you must give to others as well.

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The greatest gift you could give someone is the gift of knowledge. If you have wisdom, don’t keep it to yourself; share it with anyone that could benefit from it. Teach your grandfather how to use email, teach a sport to the kids in your neighborhood, if someone’s selecting an unsuitable headlight bulb for their car, stop them. Or if you’re really dedicated, volunteer to teach some underprivileged kids. 

6) Give handmade gifts. They’re easy on the pocket and make people fall in love with you.

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Whether you realize it or not, consumerism is burning a hole in your pocket which keeps getting bigger by the day. Not just that, it’s also eating away at the real essence of life. Someone definitely needs to bring this cycle to an end. So maybe, if a friend’s birthday is coming up, you could consider baking a cake or making a mix-tape for them. If you need more inspiration, browse good ol’ Pinterest for handmade gift ideas. 

7) Introduce like-minded people to each other and make the world a better AND smaller place.

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What would you do if you meet someone who’s into old school gaming, just like your best friend?

Option A – Invite both to dinner at your place.

Option B – Never introduce them to each other.

All I wanna say here is that you’d be disappointing yourself, your best friend, your new friend and Ms. Pacman, if you pick option B.

8) Talk to lonely folks. They need you more than you know.


We’ve all experienced loneliness at some point and I’m guessing we can all vouch for its harsh sting. But if you look a little closer, you’ll find more than a few people around you that have almost no one to talk to or share their mind with. The list may include everyone from your grandparents to the gatekeeper of your office. Also, many lonely people hide in plain sight; the person sitting right next to you right now may very well be “alone in a crowd”. While it’s certainly not your job to identify loners from lonely people, if you try a little harder to actually get to know the people you think you know, you’ll be spreading happiness all around.

9) Call your parents more often.


Do I even need to go on about this one?

10) Volunteer for something. It’s easier than you think.


There are so many organizations and initiatives around us doing so much good work that it’s easier than ever to find and actively contribute to a noble cause. Whether you are passionate about preventing animal cruelty or making sure underprivileged kids feel as loved and cared for as you, there’s at least one NGO or youth organization near you that wants to make a difference. 

Take for example this brilliant new initiative by Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. They are planning to fulfill the dreams of underprivileged kids by sending them on a hot air balloon ride. You can be part of the initiative too by tweeting how you would put a smile on a child’s face and fulfill his or her dream. Use #AChanceToFly to tweet about the cause and actually make a difference.