“Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it is not a problem to you personally.” – Anonymous

Privilege leaves us blind to how difficult things are for those who are not as fortunate as us. When we see children on the street, we see how playful they are and how happy they seem. Our privilege makes us falsely believe that their lives aren’t as difficult as they really are, that they have the things that we do, and even if they don’t, it doesn’t really impede their lives. These children wish they had all the things we take for granted. Here are only a few of such things: 

1. Education

Most of us hated going to school, not realising just how many children wish they could get an education. 


2. Food 

This may sound trite, but there are too many people in the world who go hungry for us to throw away food we don’t like or can’t finish, or to be gluttonous and eat beyond our appetite just because we can afford to.  


3. Clothes 

We all own so many clothes that we never wear more than once, or even once at all. But there are children out there who own just one pair of clothing. 


4. Electricity 

The power goes out for ten minutes and we start complaining. Have you ever stopped to think how it must be like for the many people who get to see a lit bulb rarely. 


5. Water 

Every time you leave the water tap running while you brush your teeth or get tied up in a conversation, there is someone cursing you while they walk miles to get a jar for their family. 


6. Health and health care 

Just because we can afford health care does not mean that we don’t take care of our bodies. Yet, we don’t and when we fall sick, we crowd hospitals and busy doctors who could have been treating those who can’t afford to eat healthy or spend money on a gym membership to keep their bodies fit. 


7. Playtime

When we were growing up, our evenings were spent outdoors playing. Play time was a daily routine, and nothing could come between us and our favourite games. We had designated time and place. But children in need have neither. And the world is not their play ground because it is neither safe nor welcoming. 


8. Family 

We don’t spend enough time with our families, and when we do, we are often only half there. But there are many abandoned or parentless children who don’t have the option of spending time with their family at all. 


9. Safety 

The roof over our heads not only lends us comfort, but also safety. If you were living in a shack, you would have no protection from criminals, or even harsh weather conditions.  


10. Our rights 

The very fact that we know our fundamental rights gives us confidence to navigate the world. We know when our rights are being violated, yet it is never something that crosses our minds. Many children who are victims of child labour are so partly because of poverty, but partly also because they don’t know their rights. 


Over 20 million* children in India live in a world of zero; without friends, without a family and without anything eventful happening in their lives. Try ‘The World Of Zero‘ app by SOS Children’s Villages of India to know what it’s really like to not have all the wonderful things we take for granted.