The professional world is a constant struggle to find yourself a balance between the right job, the right work environment and the right pay. And if one thing were to determine you get the best deal out in the job market, it wouldn’t be your glowing resumé. It would be your personality, says State Times.

Here’s a round-up of the 10 kinds of people that win the best jobs.

1. The Cheerleader

Positive, highly assertive and capable of assessing situations well, this kind of person is perfect for marketing positions that give businesses the boost they need. They will use their charm and cheer and gamble big on the future of a company, which makes them a solid hire.

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2. The Multi-Tasker

This kind of a person is a goldmine for any small company. When resources are stretched thin, someone who can take on multiple duties simultaneously and execute more than tasks effectively is a real asset. The multi-tasker is someone who enjoys having numerous balls in the air at once, stays calm in the face of crisis, and never fails to deliver.

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3. The Obligator

These personalities are not spineless `yes minister’ kinds, but understand when they need to up their game, and do whatever it takes to work with impossible demands and deadlines. And every establishment needs a man who is up for the task no one else is. That’s the reason this kind of person is a no-brainer hire.

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4. Reverse Role Player

Sometimes businesses display a strong predilection for like-minded people, but according to HR officials, a personality whose views and beliefs are opposite of that of the company would do the latter good and result in growth. They bring a perspective to the table that may have escaped most in the company, and they also serve as mock rivals, thus further enhancing the chances of success and productivity.

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5. The Decision Maker

This should barely need an explanation. Every organisation starts with and is passed into the hands of a strong, decisive figure. Most managerial positions of importance look for people with a sturdy decision-making bone – someone who isn’t afraid to take the tough calls when they need to be taken.

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6. The Cautious Player

Every company needs its set of dreamers and they need their bunch of cautious and practical people. They are the perfect counterbalance to the risk-takers, and keep them from biting off more than they can chew. People like this are reasonable and are driven by profit-generating cause and effect relationships.


7. The Planner

Long-term goals, projected growth and a vision for success – these are things every organisation wants for themselves, and a person who can plan around this desire of theirs, is an easy pick. Good strategists and efficient executors have their own place, but it would all be one haphazard mess without long-term plans that meaningfully take the company into its glorious future.

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8. The Organiser

This is your typical uber-organiser that walks into a room armed with a label-maker. God alone knows how many great ideas have been forgotten because no one task-oriented was there to put them in action. So rest assured, a master at organising is likely to be bagged by pretty much any company.

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9. The Analyser

It takes an observant person – someone who has one eye firmly on the markets and another on the rivals – to help you weigh the pros and cons and work accordingly. The analyser can help a company never miss out on opportunities that the market brings their way, and that’s a pretty big plus for them as a job candidate.

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10. The Helper

Another way to ensure a job is by highlighting the ‘service-oriented’ in one’s profile. If you have any experience in hospitality, make sure your recruiters know it, because it lets them know of your willingness to help others and make for a great team player.

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So go on, figure out what it is about you that could make you an utterly irresistible hire and go ahead and highlight that part of you – and I assure you, no job will be out of reach.