It’s a difficult time for the drought-hit region of Maharashtra, where scorching heat, lack of water and parched fields are affecting crops and the common man is struggling to procure drinking water. The city of Latur is also facing severe shortage of water and ever since the taps dried up two months ago, finding drinking water has become a huge task for the people. Amidst all the crisis, there’s one generous man whose act of humanity is giving relief to the thousands of distressed souls in the city. 

Sheikh Mateen Musa, a mathematics teacher in Latur, has been distributing over 10,000 litres of water from his borewell everyday.


From last three months, Mateen Bhai, who teaches in a local school, has been giving water to his neighbours. People belonging from different religions and castes turn up outside his house, with buckets, plastic tanks, and other utensils, while waiting for their turn in a queue. And very patiently, he fills each utensil with water. 

There’s not limit to the amount of water one can take and he does not charge a single penny from anyone.

The water in my borewell may be the water others are destined to have, so they are only taking away what belongs to them. It is nothing mine to give.

Mateen Bhai doesn’t believe in saving the water for himself, while his neighbours die of thirst. But what would he do if the borewell ran out of water? When asked, he said, “When that happens, even I will pick up a pot and go around looking for water like others”. His entire story is narrated in a video uploaded on Facebook. 

Watch it here:

It’s people like Sheikh Mateen Musa, who reaffirm the belief that humanity transcends all the boundaries.