They say that “necessity is the mother of invention” and we cannot help but nod in admission to this gem-of-a-statement. How many times have we struggled with a simple task, only wishing that a solution just magically appeared out of thin air? ALL. THE. TIME. Thankfully, our struggles have been experienced by others, which is why after years of innovation, many of our mundane problems now have a creative solution and we cannot be more thankful for them. To that end, here are 12 amazing products that make us say, “I need this in my life, pronto!”

1. This self-stirring mug that will take the boredom out of stirring your beverage every morning.

Give the inventor of this one a medal!

2. This chip bag re-sealer that will make sure that your chips always have that delightful crunch. 

Yaaaaas lord, yaaaas!

3. This magnetic light-switch cover that will ensure that you never lose your keys again.

Does anyone know where I can get this?

4. This spill-proof T-shirt that will make messy eating look cool AF!

Need. This. NOW!

5. This heated butter knife that will take the effort out of buttering your toast.

Oh, come to me, you genius little invention!

6. This amazing microwaveable casserole that will eliminate the need to use multiple dishes.

A microwaveable casserole with a stainless steel interior that keeps your food pipin’ hot for upto 4 hours? So-freakin’-awesome. Know all about it here. 

7. This glow in the dark toilet ring that will make those sleepy visits to the bathroom in the middle of the night, trippy AF!

Who knew taking a whiz could be so much fun?

8. This god-awesome fondue cup for when you want to be fancy as hell, but on the go.

Fon-do it all day!

9. This alarm clock that greets you with a freshly brewed Cup O’ Joe.

*sighs* Good morning, indeed!

10. This pig power strip that will power multiple devices with its adorable snouts.

This little piggy is coming, wee wee wee, to my home! 

11. This nifty spritzer that makes squeezing juice out of lemons, a thing of the past. 

My life would be incomplete without this.

12. This miniature party plate that is bound to turn your parties into a rage! 

Look at how cute it is!

Excuse me, while I go buy everything from this list!