If there’s one T.V. show that almost everyone enjoys, it’s MasterChef. The pressure tests, the challenges, the presentations, the ingredients… Oh, I could go on and on about all the good things that make this show a cult classic. If you too have been bitten by the MasterChef bug, here are some things you will relate to instantly;

1. The Mystery Box Challenge is your favourite task on the show because of all the awesome ingredients the contestants find under it.

2. You have, more than once, tried to taste a dish just like a MasterChef judge.

3. Seeing the expansive ingredients table on your television screen gives you instant happiness. Just the thought of having access to all those ingredients is enough to make you day-dream.

4. When you are cooking alone you often try to clear your own pressure test.

5. When the contestants present their final dishes to the judges, you are often caught salivating… A LOT!

6. Your heart literally stops when the judges are about to take the first bite of a dish prepared by your favourite contestant.

7. If, God forbid, your favourite contestant has to leave the competition, you are in tears!

8. While watching the show, you have often contemplated about participating in it.

9. Sometimes the dishes on the show are so simple and easy that you’ve been inspired to try your hand at them at least once.

10. Your favourite go-to videos on YouTube are MasterChef clips.

11. When the show gets over you don’t know what to do with yourself.

12. And when it starts again, you are the happiest!

No matter what we do, we can never ever get enough of this great TV show and that’s why TLC is bringing you the latest season of MasterChef Canada. Food… Glorious food. 


Feature Image Source: TLC India