War is hell, but somehow we can’t seem to put a stopper on it. It’s like poison that has been spilled and can’t be mopped up. So much bloodshed and so much destruction that it makes you question the entire concept of humanity. Not only does it contribute to the loss of countless human lives, it also wreaks havoc upon architectural marvels and sites that have stood the test of time, but sadly can’t stand the test of bombs and gunfire. 

Here are 15 such sites that were decimated by the occurrence of war:


1. Bamyan Buddha – Afghanistan

The Bamyan Buddha was a prime example of the Gandhara School of Art that flourished in ancient times. Even that wasn’t spared!

2. Al-Madina Souq – Syria

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was burnt to the ground. 

3. Nimrud – Syria

The historical city was destroyed and decimated by the ISIS.

4. Al Omari Mosque – Syria

5. Donetsk Airport – Ukraine

The Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International Airport was taken out of service by Pro-Russian rebels.

6. Crac des Chevaliers – Syria

This Crusader Castle was damaged by the Syrian Arab Army in 2012.

7. Palmyra – Syria

The ancient city, that holds historical significance, was reduced to rubble. Back in the day it was known as the ‘Venice of the Sands.’ 

8. Al Kindi Hospital – Syria

9. The Al-Askari Mosque of Samarra – Iraq

Once hailed as the biggest mosque in the world, it was destroyed by a bomb in 2005.

10. Ummayad Mosque – Syria

11. Berlin – Germany

The rubble left behind by World War II.

12. Jonah’s Tomb – Iraq

13. Rotterdam – Netherlands

Rotterdam was bombed by the German Army during the invasion of Rotterdam. 

14. Warsaw – Poland

Warsaw was decimated by the Nazis with the intent of ‘Germanising’ Eastern Europe.

15. Beirut – Lebanon

15 years of civil strife took a toll on Beirut’s architectural history. 

Is this what we want to leave behind for the future generations?