Ever since Game of Thrones hit screens six years ago, it’s given us all a long line of women to look up to. Be it Catelyn Stark’s determination, Arya’s sass, or Daenerys’s ruthless stand against discrimination, these ladies win at beauty, brains, badassery, and are all-round major #LifeGoals (well, except for the whole sibling love fiasco). To give all the divas out there some inspiration, here are 15 Game of Thrones gifs that perfectly describe a day in a woman’s life.

1. When she gobbles down the last bite of pizza so no one else can have it. 

Image Source: MTV

Because pizza. 

2. When she has absolutely no patience for your stupidity.

Image Source: Moviefone

Cersei: “Step back three paces. Turn around, close your eyes.” 

Now disappear from my line of vision. 

3. When she’s trying to make a point, but a friend decides to correct her grammar. 

Image Source: MTV

4. When she’s nailed her Outfit of The Day. 

Image Source: We The Pvblic

Walk, walk, fashion baby. 

5. When she’s surrounded by family members who never stop questioning her life choices. 

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6. When it’s time to provide moral (and emotional) support to her BFF. 

Image Source: Tumblr

Because us girls gotta stick together. 

7. When there’s a sale at her favorite store. 

Image Source: Popsugar

8. When she checks out the cute guy next to her in the cab/metro/store. 

Image Source: Tumblr

9. When she manages to get perfectly smooth legs on the first shave. 

Image Source: Giphy

Who needs a salon when your trusted razor comes to the rescue every time? *High-fives self* 

10. When it’s that time of the month.

Image Source: MTV

11. When she’s been a badass the whole day, but there’s a spider in the bathroom. 

12. When people try to undermine her capabilities. 

Image Source: Bustle

13. When she’s got 43 comebacks in her arsenal because she knows you’re wrong. 

Image Source: MTV

14. When her best friend just won’t shut up about That. One. Guy. 

Image Source: There and Their

15. When she’s having none of your BS.

Image Source: Popsugar

Girl, you know that throne is yours! Stop fretting! 

Feature Image Source: Motley News