Nobody ever said that life would exactly turn out the way you hoped. Or that it would be a bed of roses. Struggles and hardships are a part of everyone’s lives. 

But some of us think our lives our tough despite having it easy. And then there are some who, despite a physical disability, go on to win marathons. Their story of valiance speaks for itself. These moments captured from their lives will make you stand up and learn a thing or two about life.

1. India’s “blade runner!”


2. Goal, set, go!

3. When you let nothing stop you!

4. Just look at that perfection!

5. A paralympic swimmer who just refused to give up!

6. He had faith, and that became his strength!


7. Bird’s eye view!


8. Life dared him, so he dared it back.


9. She learnt colours and shades, and the rest really did not matter!


10. What’s your excuse?

11. The winning smile!


12. Focused eyes seek no pity!


13. He makes struggle look effortless!


14. Aim for higher, always!


15. The trick is to not lose your target!

16. Victory roar!


17. Reminds of Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’, doesn’t it?


18. They became their own hero!


19. Fight like there’s no tomorrow! 

20. And last but not the least; Stephen Hawking, a synonym for inspiration!

Make the day worth it, for the world is a tireless scuffle for many.

Feature image Source: wearecunard