Happiness has no set formula, and yet we always try find out ways that would raise the happiness quotient in our lives. So, when researchers from the Harvard University set out to find the secret of happiness, they concluded that it’s the good relationships that hold the key to a happy life!

The research started way back in 1938, and went on for 75 years, studying two cohorts of men, separately. While women were not studied upon to reach the conclusion, nevertheless, it claims to apply to everyone.

Further elaborating upon the research, psychiatrist Robert Waldinger pointed out at three important factors of happiness:

1. A closer bond with the family and friends 

There’s no two ways about the fact that we’re happy in the company of those whom we love and care about. The study also goes on to validate the obvious that men who share a closer bond with their family and friends tend to be happier, as compared to those who are less social. 


2. Quality vs quantity of relationships

While relationships play a major role in ensuring happiness, merely having one isn’t enough. It better be a good one for the person to be happy!

This factor, however, applies differently to different age groups. While for those in their 20s, the number of relationships has a greater impact, but as one grows old, it’s the quality of the relationships that ensure social and psychological well being.  


3. Stable and supportive marriage

This might not go down well with many of us, but the findings of this research state that a happy and stable marriage contributes a lot towards a happy life! It also, supposedly, helps keep mental decline at bay.