Remember when Ganeshji’s murtis all over India started drinking milk? So many of us fell for it. The thing about some myths is that they are so fascinating that we somehow hope that they are true. The Internet abounds with such myths. And photos in particular can really tickle our fancy. Here are 34 fake photos that went viral and made us look like fools:

1. I don’t know whether Obama smokes, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be clicked like he’s smoking with his bros on a Sunday.

2. As yummy as this looks, this isn’t a real watermelon.

3. This went really viral, but sadly India does not look like this on Diwali. If anything, the festival of lights often turns into a day of air pollution.

4. Although the ‘James Bond Rock’ does exist and so does this castle, they are situated miles apart and not on top of one another. The rock is in Thailand and the castle is in Germany. 

5. You probably have to be super drunk or all coked up to see something like this. Once you sober down, you will realise that the snake has only one head. This image went viral like crazy.

6. This tourist was not present on the day of the 9/11 attacks. He took a photo atop the WTC towers and photoshopped the plane into the pic to fool his friends.

7. You can probably sit in water as long as you want to, but your computer will eventually give out. They forgot to show the CPUs, which are probably kept under the table, or like the photograph shows, probably swimming underwater.

8. How we wish this selfie would be possible. It would be raining selfie sticks and raining people-who-try-to-take-this-selfie.

9. There are bhakts but she isn’t one. In fact, she doesn’t even look like she’s from India.

10. This is not what happens when you have double vision after getting drunk. Scientifically, it’s not possible for your eyes to be like this.

11. No that’s not Princess Diana showing the finger. The photographer clicked this for a look alike category in a competition.

12. And this would only happen if dinosaurs had human heads.

13. Great Mantas do exist, but this one is fake.

14. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a real alien nor is it the one Will Smith punched in ‘Independence Day’.

15. This fake photo was posted within hours of the tsunami hitting Japan.

16. No matter how cool the clouds may look, they will never take that shape.

17. This photo shows a Nat Geo crew running for their lives, but the bear has been taken from a stock photo.

18. A floating chair in space! I mean you can literally see the strings.

19. It was believed that a girl threw a Quran to the floor and she was turned into this creature. This is however a picture of a statue created by an artist called Patricia Piccinini.

20. There were claims that this was the final photo of APJ Abdul Kalam after he suffered a heart attack. But this was actually taken during an award function at the Sangeet Natak Academy where he unfortunately slipped and was assisted by others.

21. It was said that a couple went for a romantic getaway where the husband clicked this before being bitten to pieces by the shark in the background. The guy was actually in a swimming pool.

22. A black lion, as magnificent as it looks, does not exist. This was a white one originally.

23. It was believed that this Syrian kid slept between the graves of his parents. In reality, he is the nephew of the photographer and these graves aren’t real. The photo was clicked in Saudi Arabia as part of a conceptual art project.

24. First, you will never see a whale in such shallow waters and second, I don’t think it will attack a bear while it’s figuring out how to get to deeper waters.

25. This photo was part of a series that depicted winters in Venice. But the weather was never so severe that it could freeze the rivers.

26. What looks like the sphinx covered in snow is actually a miniature set. It was part of a series that showed monuments in Egypt covered with snow after a freak storm.

27. Portrayed as the Fairy Isles of Scotland with beautiful pink surroundings, this is actually a photoshopped image of Shotover River in New Zealand that has regular green surroundings.

28. I assure you, lightening does not strike a tree like that. And it’s never so colourful and beautiful when it does.

29. Yes, that car is real sturdy and the cow is amazingly flexible and apparently feeling really cold so it just jumped up onto the hood.

30. A Koala with the jaw of a wolf. Fake level = Jaw dropping.

31. This looks more like a shot from those movies that show apocalypses.

32. This one really did the rounds and looks as phenomenal as it gets. But is also as fake as it gets. 

33. That’s how you combine two different icebergs and scare/fool people.

34. Giant squid spotted in Santa Monica. What next? The Kraken?

Wasn’t that an eye opener?

Images were sourced from Quora, gizmodo and awesomeinventions