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I remember the first time when I rode a bike, the only thought that came to my mind was – Oh, I wish I could take it for a longer spin. By the time I was in college, riding bikes was not just for the commute but also for the experience. The experience of cruising on an empty highway with varied sights as we crossed states, was one of a kind. I loved the sound of the bike revving and the air blowing on my face. While there used to be so much clamor during the whole process, I’d somehow feel at peace. In all these years, I have traveled thousands of kilometers, and oh, the places I have seen are undoubtedly the most beautiful sights I have come across. 

If you share the same biker’s soul as mine, here are a few highway stretches in India that you must cover (in my opinion, you can share yours in the comments): 

1. Puri to Konark on the NH-203

This one tops the list for the simple reason that it was my first road trip ever. Starting from the small town of Puri you head to the iconic Sun Temple of Konark and everything in between. It’s not really that long a stretch, but the 36 Kilometers offers a barrage of scenic beauties that come in the way, especially the sight of the Indian Ocean which is a constant.

Distance – 36 Kilometers

Best Time To Visit – September to March

2. Guwahati -Tawang

Guwahati and Tawang are the most important touchdowns whenever you make an expedition to the North East. The mountains are covered with lush green trees on both the sides and the roads could get slightly challenging at certain points.

Distance – 520 Kilometres

Best Time To Visit – March to October  

3. Chennai to Pondicherry along the East Coast Road

Imagine driving down on an empty road, the skies’ clear, and the calm sea accompanies you for more than three hours straight. While reaching Pondicherry itself opens up some really amazing beaches for you to wander. The best ones still, are the ones you will discover on the way.

Distance – 160 Kilometres

Best Time To Visit – September to March

4. Jaipur to Jaisalmer

The trip from Jaipur to Jaisalmer is a tough one because of the extreme conditions, so the priority would be to wear the gear that protects you from the extreme weather. The roads throughout are in top notch condition and with Jodhpur in the way, you can cover the three major cities at once.

Distance – 560 Kilometers

Best Time To Visit – October to March

5. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Araku Valley is a hill station and valley region in the southeastern region of Andhra Pradesh, full of some amazing sights ranging from caves to waterfalls. The curvy roads that elevate with every few kilometers, take you away from the humid Vishakhapatnam to the colder Araku. 

Distance – 116 Kilometers 

Best Time To Visit – October and March

6. Manali to Leh Highway

It will be uncool to end the list without mentioning the iconic Manali to Leh Highway. Now, as much cliched as it may sound, this stretch is probably the most beautiful and the most challenging one in India. You pass through roads that keep on varying their width and are accompanied by snow clad mountains, followed by an ultimate sight of the Pangong Tso lake. 

The Distance – 479 Kilometers 

Best Time To Visit – Summers to Mid-October.

Now, there are two things that are important for one to own when taking a road trip. One is the willingness to dare and rise above the fear of riding for long hours that could be backbreaking. The second is to own a bike that eliminates the chances of breaking your back and cruise smoothly.

While the first is something that only your instinct will help you with, but when it comes to the bike, Suzuki has come up with its latest 150 CC cruiser that has already set the Indian streets on fire. The Suzuki Intruder looks top notch when it comes to comfort and style, it’s equipped with a legendary intruder style headlamps that help you see till far, smart digital instrumentation to record your trips’ highlights, led tail lamps and a sharp twin exhaust which is one of a kind. With a competitive pricing, the Intruder seems like the best buy for everyone who aspires to get a cruiser bike. 

Here’s some Intruder inspiration for you to dare and take on the road: 

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