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Whether it’s kickboxing, CrossFit or even a HIIT session, let’s face it, we all feel alive by the end of every workout. The blood-pumping high you get after making puddles and puddles of sweat is just something else. Although, you can’t say the same about your body odour now, can you? So, if that’s the only thing that’s stopping you, then these 6 nifty hacks will have you smelling fresh 24/7:

1. Use headbands to keep your hair from getting drenched in sweat and eventually from smelling bad.


2. Cleanse your face after your workout/run. This will help in removing residual salt and sweat that increase the bad odour.


3. Use a refreshing face mist to look & smell fresh. 


4. Your hair suffers the most after a workout session. Using a dry shampoo on strands of hair will kill the seat and smell in an instant.

5. Changing from a polyester t-shirt to a cotton t-shirt will prevent your underarms from smelling.


6. Use rosewater wipes on your neck, back and underarms to get that extra freshness. 


Well, while the above-mentioned items are crucial to you looking fresh even after you run for kilometers, you can also add one more thing that will make your post fitness freshness goals complete. Cinthol’s new Deo Stick, with its active minerals and a fragrance that is 3x stronger, is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. Get yours today!