The serenity of mountains, the whir of the oceans, the mystery of the woods, nature is a world of secrets and hidden messages it leaves behind for us to pick up on. Like Ian Somerhalder says “The trees are our lungs, the rivers our circulation. We are all interconnected.” We are intrinsically in tune with our natural surroundings and our roots extend deep, right back to where we began – in nature.

These beautiful images of heart-shaped natural wonders from around the world show that nature has been reciprocating our love all this while, we just need to stop and look around.

1. The Black Lake on the Thungabhadra River in Karnataka


2. Valentine Lake in British Columbia, Canada

Tim Gage

3. The Heart Reef in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia


4. Lava rock in the north of Kapalua, West Maui


5. A heart-shaped rock in Toronto Islands

Melina Stathopoulos

6. Laguna Beach in California

Carrie Cleveland

7. Shimshal Lake in Pakistan


8. Castilian, the longest beach in Brazilian city of Ilhabela

9. The cave of ‘ancient heart’ at Uluru in Australia

10. Écrins Mountain in the French Alps

11. A heart-shaped lake in Scotland

12. Heart Of Stone in France


13. Three man-made ponds near the Halmstad City Airport in Sweden.

14. Mulvey Lake in British Columbia

15. A meadow in South Gloucestershire, UK

16. A lake in the Juniku Mountains of Kosovo Alps

17. An island at Port Chalmers in New Zealand

18. San Bruno in California

19. A lake in Braunschweig, Germany

20. Oare in Wiltshire, England

21. Heart Lake at the Olympic National Park, Washington

22. Woods outside of Kansas City in Missouri

23. The Polish side lake of the Tatras Mountains

24. Abel Tasman in New Zealand

25. Natural mangrove vegetation in North Caledonia

27. Zhuo Yong Mountain in Tibet

28. Heart Lake in Ontario, Canada


29. Crater Lake in Turkey


30. Gaislacher See in Austria

31. An island in Tavarua Island resort in Fiji

32. A pond in Columbia Hills Corners in Ohio

33. Forested island over the Orinoco river, Venezuela

34. Makepeace Island in Queensland, Australia

35. A glacier lake above the Black Sea coast in eastern Turkey

36. A lake in Corsica in France

37. An island in Bali, Indonesia

38. Lower Kachura Lake in Pakistan


39. Lake Borebukta in Norway


40. This lake in the Piora Valley in Switzerland


41. Lake Scanno in Italy


42. Buyuk Lake in Turkey


43. Trnovacko Lake in Montenegro

44. ‘Lago del Cuore,’ an alpine in Switzerland


45. Siit Lake in Philippines

46. Rih Lake in Myanmar


47. Northrup Lake in the US


48. Lake of Love in Russia


49. Lake in Lindos, Greece


50. Heart-shaped lake in Portugal


51. Heart-shaped Lake in Brazil


52. Pyrénées National Park in France


53. Aral Sea in Kazakhstan


54. Chicago Lakes in Colorado, US


55. Heart Lake in Russia


56. This lake en route to Chembra Peak in Wayanad, Kerala

57. A pool beneath the Minnehaha Falls in the US

58. Galesnjak island in Croatia

59. A formation by three Creeks Lake in Oregon in the US

60. Lake Calvaresc in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland


61. Forested island ‘Isla Corazon’ on Mascardi Lake, Argentina


62. The Twin-Heart Stone Weir in Chimei, Taiwan


If you happen to be an avid traveler then don’t forget to add these places to your bucket list.