Every morning, Durge Kami who lives in Syangja, Nepal, wakes up, puts on his school uniform, combs his hair and prepares for school. That’s the life of almost every school goer, right? But Kami is not just another schoolboy. He is 69 years old and his classmates are young enough to be his grandchildren. 

Durge Kami’s dedication to follow his dream is an inspiration for each one of us who’s always finding some excuse or the other to give up on our passion. 


Kami’s passion to gain education has drawn him to school at an age when most people are thinking of retirement. Everyday, he walks for an hour and 20 minutes to reach school where all his classmates call him Bajee, which means ‘grandpa’ in Nepali. Kami, whose favourite subject is social studies, also loves to play football and volleyball during the lunch break. 

His spirit for life reflects on his face, as he says:

When I play these games, my soul feels satisfied.

As a child, Kami never received any formal education because the school was very far from his home, and his family was too poor to afford it. Also, back in those days, people didn’t value education as much as we do now. But Kami, who understands the importance of learning, believes that he can contribute a lot through education and his experiences in life. 

When he gets back from school, the 69-year-old finishes his homework, studies a bit and then goes to sleep. Even at this age, he wants to continue his studies. As he says in the video: 

I really want to study further in the future. With the wisdom of age, I want to show the light of knowledge to everyone.

Watch this video and get inspired!

69 years young and full of life. We should all take inspiration from Mr Kami!