A shocking incident has come to light where Fortis Memorial Research Institute (Gurgaon) allegedly charged almost Rs 18 lakhs for 15 days in the ICU from the family of a 7-year old dengue patient and still couldn’t save the child.


The matter was brought to light by a colleague of the girl’s father. He shared the bill and other details over Twitter which attracted public notice immediately.

They were charged a whopping ₹17,142 for 2700 gloves.

The 7-year-old was pumped with 660 syringes which averages out to 40 syringes per day, for dengue!

The colleague has made shocking revelations about the hospital which brings to notice the commercialisation of the health sector and how innocent people are looted.

According to a report by DNA, the child had passed away on 15th November. However, the hospital refused to allow the parents to see their daughter while in ICU.

Apparently, the hospital charged ₹200 for sugar strips that are available at their own website at ₹13.

Initially she was administered a medicine for ₹500 and then it was escalated to a similar medicine which apparently did the same job but cost ₹3100 per piece.

In the light of this incident, it appears that the carelessness and casual nature of the hospital is what led to the death of the poor child.

The whole report will both make you angry as well as break your heart.

The already harassed family was asked to arrange an ambulance from another hospital, which needed them to make multiple rounds of several hospitals.

Fortis Hospital has also replied on that thread, though they maintain that they are being transparent.

Union health minister J P Nadda on Monday assured the bereaved family of action in the matter.

The father of the child told Times of India:

“The government must act against them so that no hospital deals with its patients like this again.”

The father had taken a loan of ₹5 lakhs for the treatment of his daughter. This story will be updated as it develops.