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There’s something just so unexpected about travelling in a carpool. You never know what or who you might chance upon next. You could meet your next best friend or the love of your life and even learn a valuable life lesson while you’re at it. Don’t believe us? We’ve got proof. Here are 8 reasons which might make you #SwitchToPool the next time you step out.

1. Because lesser cars on the road means lesser pollution.

Let’s face it, if you’re sharing a car with someone, it means there’s one less car out on the road emitting toxic fumes in the air. Now if you multiply this manifold, you get a cozier ride and exponentially cleaner air.

2. Because saving money is a big deal.

You know what doesn’t grow on trees? Money. So let’s not be so eager to spend it all in travelling. A carpool not only divides the travel costs but also the fun. Think about it.

3. Because who needs the headache of owning a car!

Whoever told you that you need a car didn’t know how one could go crazy while tracking the EMI schedules, and definitely didn’t know about carpools.

4. Becuase just thinking about public transport makes you run for the hills.

Standing in a local and whiffing someone’s sweat is nobody’s idea of comfort. Carpool gives you the luxury of riding in a car without having to spend much.

5. Because you are not stuck in traffic, YOU ARE traffic!

Us humans have the tendency to cry over the evils of our own making. And unless you have acquired the stuck-in-traffic-crazy-selfie-syndrome, you should think of the bigger picture and switch to carpool.

6. Because you don’t want to drive every day.

If driving every day gets the better of you, or you never got past the driving test, or reverse parking is not just a nightmare but a whole bunch of dents and scratches on your car and soul, then carpooling could be the best option for you.


7. Because you save tons of money on tolls and fees.

Now that’s a reason! Carpool your way through giving up lesser money than you ought to. And a penny saved is a penny earned. And money earned should be spent on better things than paying your cab fare. Shopping anyone?

8. Because you get to meet new people this way.

The best part about carpooling is meeting new and interesting people, every single time. And if you’re someone who hates travelling alone with just music on your phone to keep you company, you will enjoy being in a carpool the most. It’s just like Facebook, but on wheels.

I’m pretty sure these reasons have you convinced already. If not, here’s another one. You can now book your uber POOL and get a chance to win an entire year of free rides. Just enter the code “SWITCH2POOL” in your Uber app and be a part of the smarter, more economically viable lot. Sounds interesting? Know more here.