How often do we tend to ignore the signs our body sends our way? As essential as proteins are, they are also among the most underrated of nutrients. A low-protein diet not just makes us dull, but also makes us vulnerable. So, if you feel tired throughout the day or tend to fall sick easily, then maybe your body is trying to tell you something.

Here are 8 telltale signs that prove that your body craves protein:

1. You are perpetually tired and you just cannot help it.

2. You cannot believe it when moisturizer creams claim that they can deal with any kind of skin dryness. That’s because you know that the one you have is kinda special…

3. You find more hair on the brush and the floor than on your head.

4. No matter how much you eat, your biceps never feel strong enough.

5. You don’t go through the existential crisis anytime in the day. You have the whole night to overthink.

6. Nobody can possibly offend you on the basis of your skin color. You’re neither black nor white – you’re pale.

7. You either wake up with a pain in some random joint, or an aching tooth.

8. Viral fever? Allergies? You catch ’em like Pokemon!

While you might think your home-cooked food is yummy, filling AND healthy, here’s proof that it doesn’t have enough protein to keep you healthy. Watch this video and gear up to learn a thing or two about your ghar ka khaana.