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Dads have always been the underrated in-house Yodas. Perhaps we never noticed it due to our fast-paced lives, but our fathers have given us more life lessons than we care to count. More often than not, these lessons didn’t need any words and they still were just as profound. That’s why dads will always be our first teachers; the first gulp of water to our hiccups, the soothing ice to our burns. Maybe a single day is not enough to celebrate this full-time superhero properly, but what we can actually do is pass on his lessons as his legacy. So, here are 8 unspoken life lessons from our dads that, I swear to God, will help us get through the worst in life. 

1. No matter how bad failure seems to be, we should never lose hope

Hope is a beautiful thing and the only treasure worth keeping. *teary eyes*

2. Remember you have one life and while you work hard to achieve everything, never forget to enjoy it as well

Yep, that’s the only road to success. 

3. The day you are satisfied with yourself is the day you stop thriving

Now you know why his ‘shabashi‘ was the hardest thing to earn. 

4. Life is one sour lemon but help always comes to those who seek it

And this ad by TATA Ace Gold featuring Akshay Kumar proves just that. 

5. Failing is not bad. In fact, it’s sometimes better than success.

It made me lose my fear.

6. Respect is a simple concept, you get it only when you give it  

Thus spoke the master.   

7. Treat yourself as fire and problems as logs of wood. Keep ’em coming and you will never lose

It was once his favourite saying and now it’s mine. 

8. Family is the most important thing in life, never forget that!

Because no matter what… 

You know what they say, no matter what stands in our way, our old man has got a solution to every problem. It doesn’t matter what pearl of wisdom we accrue in our lives, his lessons will always be the best. 

TATA Ace Gold’s ad is a tribute to all the dads, who quietly and selflessly keep a watch over us and make sure that failure never takes a toll on our will to succeed. In simple words, none of us would have survived the brutalities of life if it wasn’t for our fathers. Thank you for everything, Dad.