Old age comes with the fear that we may not be as efficient as we are today, that our capacities may fail us. We hear of weak eyesight, memory loss, pain in the joints and so on. But then, along comes a person who defies and challenges even the erosion of time.

A video by Nike features Sister Madonna Buder,  also known as the Iron nun. She has competed and won the Ironman Triathlon when she was aged 82 and has gone down in the book of records as the oldest person to have done so. She is 86 today. All the excuses we have ever given for not staying fit now seem like mumbled words of insignificance.

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She started training at the age of 48, when a Father John told her that it is a great way to keep the mind, body, and soul healthy. She took part in her first Ironman event when she was 55, and there has never been any looking back since.

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Here’s the video that proves that 86 is the new 16.