Most of us wish to go places but can’t, because work. But for some, it is their work that takes them to places. These people are a curious bunch – forever mobile and perpetually weary. Lesser people are surprised about how these superhumans function, for they can practically pack in more in a day than most of us in a week. And believe it or not, these on-the-go professionals actually derive pleasure from this! Their bags are always ready, travel apps always updated and essentials always on point. 

So if you are one of them, here are a few things you’ll totally relate to!

1. The airport has become your second home. Quite literally.


2. Nobody packs as efficiently as you do! Who else can accommodate extra clothes, food, sources of entertainment AND work-related essentials in just one bag? *Take a bow*

3. You always have a book or two tucked away in your bag. Just in case your flight delays, again.


4. Once you’ve reached your destination, all you can think of is a nice shower and a steaming cup of good coffee to recharge.

5. You already have your favourites picked at the hotel’s free breakfast

6. Despite a tiring journey, you still manage to look sharp and rock a presentation.

7. Did we mention that there’s always time for exploration? Staying in a hotel near your workplace saves travelling time for more adventures.

8. You are considered the best storyteller in your family. You have things to talk about from all around the world, and everyone loves to listen to them!


9. You might not be able to make time for yourself, but you always take care that the ones you’re close to never feel unloved. And that’s what we call work-life balance!


With all the hassles that are a part and parcel of work-travel, there is one thing that you don’t have to worry about. Introducing Holiday Inn Express®, where you can enjoy more of the creature comforts that matter to you – free wifi and breakfast, power showers and comfortable beds. Mind blown yet? Well, that’s not all, all these come at a great value where you can save up to 35% if you book now.

Now that’s one hell of a deal!