Whether you have a new crush or you want to wear that halter top to a party, your annoying brother will always have a problem with if there’s one person who has a problem with almost anything that you do, it’s your annoying brother. He’s the only one who will sneak up behind you and complain to your parents if you have decided to catch up with your friends over a conference call instead of studying. Urgh! Brothers can be so annoying. 

If you have one, I bet these are the moments when you just really really wanted to hit him bad!

1. When he sneakily cracks your smartphone’s passcode & reads all your messages


2. When he knows that you have a boyfriend and keeps dropping hints to Mom


3. When he calls dibs on the TV remote & watching your favourite show becomes like war.

4. When he asks for “a bite” of pizza and eats the whole slice



5. When he makes up random rules just to beat you at games


6. When he tries to be extra nice to you, just to get your cute friend’s number 

7. When parents leave him in charge & he gives you hell all day


8. When you catch him going through your stuff just to get more dirt on you

9. When he gets you in trouble just to troll you and enjoy the show

No matter how fiercely we fight, or how difficult it is to understand each other at times, our relationship with our siblings is one of the best bonds we make in life. So this Raksha Bandhan, make sure you tell them how much you treasure them. And don’t forget to visit them, because gifts can be delivered, but love cannot!

And for the gifts, there’s always Amazon! #DeliverTheLove