It has been 9 years since India faced one of its worst terrorist attacks, 9 years since Mumbai dealt with 4 days of complete horror. 

And though life moves on, the scars left can still be felt! 

Dainik Jagran

It was to be a normal Wednesday morning for the guests and staff of the iconic Taj hotel. But fate had other, rather unfortunate plans!

4 nights of gut-wrenching terror still lingers in the air of the people who lost their loved ones, of those who survived, of those whose life changed in a matter of just 4 days. 

And even though we can’t help but feel the heart wrench at the lives lost, we also need to remember that 9 years ago, India stood united against terrorists and did not break down.

From the survivors who battle dark thoughts every day but refuse to bow down, to the families who miss their loved ones but feel proud that they died defending innocent people, the Mumbai Terror Attacks left an impression on everyone.

An attack like that left us shattered, but we were also the ones that picked up each broken shard and slowly built our self back up!

We survived and we gave a fitting reply! And most importantly, we ensured that we never forget!

Mumbai had survived attacks before, be it the 1993 blasts or 2006 train blasts, but the 26/11 terror attacks were still a rude awakening! 

However, it is the spirit of Mumbai only that can look at such a tragedy in face, and return back stronger, more vigilant and more concerned.

Mumbai remembers. India remembers. 

And every silent prayer that we say for every loved one that walks out the door, is an indication that our faith can not be shaken, our spirit can not be broken and our courage can not be bowed down!