This news is going to leave you a bit unsettled, but by using Facebook, you’re trusting the social media giant with way too much information about yourself than you’d probably want it to know! Facebook knows way more about you more than you can imagine. We already have some idea about the social media website’s personalised advertising tactics and how by tracking your online activity, it shows relevant advertisements just for you. Turns out, that’s not just it. Facebook is monitoring its users in more ways than one and you might want to know exactly what the company knows about you!

More than your online shopping preferences and the details that you fill out, here’s a dedicated list of 98 things that Facebook knows about you!

As reported by the Washington Post, Facebook keeps an eye on its users’ on-site activity, such as the ads you click on and the pages you like. It monitors your device and location settings and even knows about the brand of phone you use and the type of Internet connection you have! 

If this wasn’t enough, Facebook also sources data from IHS Automotive, an industry intelligence firm used widely by dealers, banks and financial analysts to build a bank of information about its users!

The recent update of the Ad Preference settings and a new education portal launched by Facebook aims to explains to its users how Facebook targets advertisements. It’s not just online activity, even when you are logged out of Facebook, it receives an alert every time you load a page that has a “Like” or “Share” button. 

Alarming as it may sound, Facebook knows whether you are pregnant, the type of credit card you have and how old your car is. All this without you filling out any such information, EVER! 

That’s how you’re being watched my friend. And the catch here is that you can’t even opt out of it. Creepy, eh?