The idea of communities thrill me. They thrill me because they hold the power to turn a wave around because it’s not the strength of one person but each and everyone who is the part of that community. 

And so is the community of Artidote. Back in August, 2016, we did a story on how the Artidote community on Snapchat saved a girl from committing suicide. And they have done it again this time around for a girl from Delhi, India. 

To refresh your memory and those of you who don’t know what this is about, Jovanny Varela-Ferreyra, the Founder of The Artidote — a community which is a little more than a million people strong, back in August 2016, asked on Snapchat, “what time is it there and what are you thinking?” and began to curate a feed of responses — little big stories from around the world on The Artidote’s Snapchat channel (@ theartidote).

This is the story of the girl who wanted to commit suicide. She posted this.

As soon as people read this snap, they sent out positive vibes to her from all parts of the world. It was an overwhelming amount of support that she saw pouring in for her on Snapchat.

Like this one.

And this heartfelt note coming from a human to another human.

 Someone from Delhi gave her a strong headed advice.

 A snap full of stars from South Africa.

The creative ways with which people tried to save this girl was, to be honest, a hint of the goodness in the world.

And it came from places nobody was expecting from.

And all of us felt it. Every member of the community felt the good vibes flowing around.

 And then she replied.

This was such a great example about what the internet is capable of doing. The technology that we have must always help us execute our ideas and The Artidote is doing such a wonderful job of it. 

You saved our girl, Jovanny. Thank you for doing what you’re doing.