Listen up women! Got a glorious and voluptuous derriere and love it exactly like that? Well, science is here to give you an even better reason to keep that “junk in the trunk”. Turns out a robust behind is way more than just eye-candy – it is an actual indicator of increased intelligence, and chronic illness resistance in a woman!

As reported by Damn, this information comes to us from none other than the researchers at Oxford University, who discovered specific and remarkable traits among women with larger butts.

Women with bigger-than-average buttocks indicate lower levels of cholesterol and were observed to metabolize sugar better as they are more likely to produce hormones. So that means they are less likely to experience things like heart problems and diabetes.

According to data reports, the study consisted of 16,000 women and found that the levels of hormones that regulate weight, satiation, cardiovascular health, and diabetic attributes were all favoured towards women with larger behinds.

As if that weren’t enough good news, Omega 3 fats, which have been shown to catalyse brain development, are needed more in a body with a larger bottom – and are therefore present in abundance. So not only are the owners of these bodies intellectually superior on an average, but so are the children born to them!

There have been studies in California and Pittsburgh universities in the past, which suggested bigger reared, wider hipped and smaller waist women have greater life expectancy as well.

The studies did not, however, cover these attributes in women with artificially enhanced derrieres and for now these benefits can only be associated with the real deal.

In the words of Sir Mix-A-Lot, who turns out was really onto something, “ladies if the butt is round”, you’re likely a healthy and smarter individual.