As a kid, it felt like I always wanted to end up in a workplace – just for the heck of it. Of course, wanting to go through adulting was one reason. The glamour associated with most workplaces in shows and films was another. So, for some reason, I romanticized work, and wanting to get a job. These days, thanks to social media and reels, people share a lot of their lives. Part of this content is ‘a day in my life’ videos from people’s offices.

Google office

These videos are usually a lot of fun to watch, but that’s only when you also get perks at your workplace. The thing is, that work feels less like a chore when there is some outlet – in whatever form.

Here’s what we are saying:

1. Google

Saloni Rakholiya, who works as an SWE at Google, shared a reel with a glimpse into her day. She also shared shots from the different amenities that employees find in the space, and we low-key want to be there now. There are things like breakfast buffets, a gym, and well, what not.

2. Amazon

Another creator, Khushboo Bansal shared a video of what it’s like working at Amazon India. There are community spaces, large meeting rooms and common areas featured in the said video. So, everything you’d want in an office. Honestly, if this is what corporate life looks like on most days, one wouldn’t mind it as much.

3. Deloitte

In one reel, Keerthi Rupangudi, an employee at Deloitte shared her insight on the work culture at the firm. We can see activities, food and a lot more happening stuff in the office premises. This includes the presence of a Starbucks, as well. So you can imagine what that possibly feels like. The truth is that food makes most things bearable.

4. Infosys

Someone from Infosys also went on to share the amenities and infrastructure at the firm. It may look like that just THAT makes a 70-hour-work-week worth it, but nothing does. What you can see, is a lot of greenery, and a pretty decent ambience to work in.

5. Accenture

Miru, an employee from Accenture posted a glimpse from her work day in the Chennai office. The premises are huge, with massive lawns and buildings. But that’s not it. The video also has a shot of a McDonald’s within the workplace, and really, that’s the dream.

Work is work. Perks and a good environment make all of it just more bearable on days when it isn’t.