Abdul Latif is one such noble man whose life’s aim is to provide for the less fortunate ones in Jaipur. As of May 2016, he has successfully organised 105 weddings in the last 15 years. And now, he has gone one step ahead, breaking religious barriers and has helped out a Hindu couple get married. From the pundit to the gifts for the groom, he organised everything that he possibly could. 

While we’re busy climbing up the social ladder, we often forget about the people around us. We’re so busy working on our own precious dreams that we completely overlook the less fortunate ones. But not everybody forgets them. There are some people whose acts of kindness are awe-inspiring. They are the ones making the world a better place with their random acts of generosity. 

On a journey to break all chains of caste, class and religion in our country, Latif is doing a wonderful job.

May this be an inspiring tale for everyone, and may there be many more Abdul Latifs in the world.

H/T: BetterIndia