Acid attacks are a sad reality of the modern world. There are monsters out there who do not hesitate in getting sadistic pleasure from scarring someone for life. An acid attack is a physically and emotionally breaking experience and sadly some people are never able to recover from it. However, Resham Khan is one of the lucky few who was able to get her scars treated effectively and has now shared her post-surgery pictures on her blog to spread hope in the world.

21-year-old Resham was the subject of an acid attack when she was driving through east London in June, just a few days before her birthday. She was with her cousin Jameel Muhktar when they were attacked with a corrosive substance. 

One cannot even imagine the condition of somebody who had to go through something like this for no fault of their own.


The period post the attack was the toughest for Resham as she could not step out of her house fearing people’s reactions. She was petrified to even go to her local shop. She shared her experiences on her blog.

Resham knows that her face cannot go back to what it was originally but she has come quite a long way and she’s receiving incessant love and support on the internet.

We are so happy that the lengthy and tiresome process she went through is actually bearing fruit. 

Finally, when she had recovered enough, she decided to tweet these pictures of herself with such a beautiful positive caption.

She has a beautiful soul and now she is trying to raise her voice against acid attacks.

Twitter erupted with joy seeing her recovery and showered her with love and admiration.

According to Evening Standard, police investigating the incident have charged 24-year-old east Londoner John Tomlin with two counts of GBH(Grievous Bodily Harm). He is due to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court on November 27.


We hope the accused is duly punished and Resham receives justice. Resham is one of the lucky few who could recover so beautifully from the devastating experience. We wish her all the luck for the future and strength for her fight against acid attacks.

However, this is a major issue all around the world and inevitably no one should have to go through something like this.